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Originally Posted by Maestro4k
Also, don't be afraid to use block if someone's being annoying. Had some random person I don't know msg my bard and start begging me to grind with them. I was doing other stuff, and after I politely told them that and they kept on, I just blocked them. That kept me from having to deal with their constant whining/begging.

Still wondering how in the world they found me to msg though, as I was on the Christmas Tree map at the time. Q_Q
You don't know about the games stalker system? Go to F11 > Search > Type in level. Congratulations you can now find everyone and anyone thats on that server. You can even look at what they look like. Class, fashion etc. The list is limited to the channel you are on and will cap at 40. Oh and it is block-able... though the option is there with the "chatroom invite" turn off switch (which is counter intuitively not on the Options menu).

Anyway most players have it off. That's why you likely never heard of it.