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1) you have a buddlylist that's dead 99% of the time

2) You befriend an accessory maker. He creates ele stones to sell and give Ely to you in exchange for his benefit of crafting EXP. You gave him a non-stack amount of Saph, Ruby, Topaz and Emerald it took you 3 days of killing M. Spriggs to get. Now he says I'll have to wait for a while as he sorts things out while watching others in the BL get paid their Ely when he says "Here fri, I mailed out your Ely on the ores you gave me an hour ago". I've been waiting... for 2 weeks... gosh I'm suffering paranoia, pessimism and pain. I think I seriously need a break...

I fear if I send him more ores he might get pissed at me in saying "OMGWTF DUDE? I'm already processing your ores, it just takes me a while to sort things out". Well he is the only Refiner I know that takes in ores and pays for capsules just for the Crafting XP.

3) Biggest frustration: out off all the Guild Drama a new member (J) joined months ago, got into a fit because of a new Guild member's (M's) attitude reminded him of "people who were in his highschool" and threw a rage at him and telling him to stfu because of it. This caused other guild members defended M. Now more months and fits came by, a few long time members (who are IRL friends of the leader in the middle school they go to) left the Guild and made their own because of J, while J starts bashing himself just yesterday on how the drama is mostly his fault and leaves hoping to change when he does... nothing's solved unfortunately...