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Originally Posted by vinehair
I would like to remind everyone that you cannot eliminate network latency nor fully eliminate network spikes, just the same as you cannot break the laws of physics.

Electricity and light are fast, but on out Internet the maximum speed I've ever seen a packet traverse the US->UK gap is 120ms, which is always noticable for gaming. America will also have a sizable lag if you're jumping from one side of the country to the other, or if you're having a heavy network load, simply from one state to the next. For the record, I suspect the physical server used by La Tale is located in Los Angeles (or at least it's hosting company is.)

You can speed up your own computer, but you cannot influence your switchboard and the worldwide web. You can also make sure that you don't get random Windows Updates hogging your bandwidth or other programs wanting to go online while you play, but you cannot stop intermittent failures or occasionally slow transferals, resulting in spikes.

By all means try these mods, but do not expect miracles, because they will not provide those. And also be aware that these features are in Windows for a purpose: turning off QoS features will make already normally heavy programs like BitTorrent excruciatingly brutal on your connection, and will completely saturate your connection.
Yeah. This. From what I was able to gather, OGP only uses 10gb Ethernet backbones which is NOT enough for an entire country and than some to play an online game. Hell, I've seen some games with a 30gb back bone have lag spikes.

Having the best internet, and best computer can somewhat fix lag, but it will never ever fix it completely. It's Latency you want, I went from a 30mb/s Cable connection, to a crappy 3mb/s DSL connection and the ping to OGP's server was only 1-3 ms difference.

But a person can computer can play a part in Lag. IF you do lag, once again make sure there is nothing else running on your PC Eating CPU or internet. Try turning graphics down, NPC balloons, etc. That CAN help abit.