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And finally, I've hit lvl60! (WITH A NOOBSHIT LVL55 advanced DEMONIC ARC SPEAR+4 !!!) This could be one of the biggest achievement in-game as no one knows how hard it is to get a COF party with that noob weapon and a computer which occasionally hang in COF. Many people might asked where is my Lavalon or WHY WOULDN'T I GET A BETTER WEAPON??? My answer: Read the Foreword and I couldn't find a level 55, 60 weapon with the stats I want.

On the serious note, I've found time to update this guide. Been a long time since I check my guide. Within this months, many things have changed in-game. It is almost impossible to keep my guide to the extreme up-to-date standard, but still, I promise I will do my best.

I've updated on 5 section of the guide.
1-(M13)Chaos Smoldering Swamp,(level 49-55)
2-(M14)Chaos Ocher Forest(level 56-70)
3-(T20)Offensive Skills (casting animation cancel)
4-(T22)When ACC comes into play (level 59+)
5-(S12)Building your first long term build

I gotta thank everyone who reads my guide. I just notice that my guide have the most views out of the 4 guides which gave birth during the contest. I really do hope you enjoy my guide and find it useful as this is the reason why I made this guide.

Last but not least, I hope everyone who chose the path of Battlemage will enjoy your job more in the future. I also hope that my guide serves as a motivation sources to you!

Stay tune to this guide for future updates. I'm still working on it especially on the 4th class of Warmage.

Happy New Year to everyone! Wishing all the bad things that have happened over this past decade will not happen again, and all the good things that have happened over this past decade repeat itself. Lets have a good 2010!!!

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