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Kudaranai demonstrated Nature by presenting all the four seasons in high skills while BriGuy92 merely uses tree to represent nature. BriGuy92 wins my vote as it appears more soft/dreamy compared to Kudaranai's sharpness and brightness. I love the slogan on Kudaranai's signature and his/her high skill, but primarily on the style, I prefer BriGuy92's softness. The colors gold, blue, green, and white also bring out the seasons in a more soft way.

Creative and surprising. The focus of red is accentuated extremely well with the red lips. KoueNeeSama is also creative in able to pick out a scene with both characters in red (well, one is dark red I guess), but it doesn't demonstrate glossy as well as Psfrk.

While Glarbage does have a point that my signature seems like a picture from photo album (and it is true that those 2 pictures did come from my cat's album LOL. I thought the pictures had to be original so yeah...), I still vote for my own because technology is often represented with high tech robot, wires, green, digital numbers and such, so I thought it will be more creative to give technology a soft side and connect technology with reality. Signature will be more meaningful when it carries a message. So I vote for my own. Though, I do have to say that Glarbage's skill is way way way above mine >_>

It is rather hard to pick a winner from this battle as both demonstrated space really well. I vote for Noperative as his/her space brings more confusion (just like the real space is) and thus gives more sense of mystery.