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Razelis is on a distinguished road

Well, I'll try this \( - w - ;

LaTale IGN: "Raz!". If I can't put a "!"- "Raz". If 3 letters is too short- "Razzle". XD;
Real Name: Raz, (yeah it really is!) which lets you know how creative I am with names...
Nickname: Well... It looks like each friend calls me something different... I mostly hear: Raz, Razzeh, Razzy, Razzle Dazzle, and even Muffin (?);
Birthday: 22th July... (cancer XD)
Hobbies: Uhhh... Pets, Anime, Drawing/Coloring... Online games... DJ Max d( > w <
Favourites: Uhhhhhhhhh... Anything sweet! I really really like sweets... There is no "too-sweet" for me, the more sweet- The more I like!
Dreams: I don't think I have any... Maybe to have a life...? Nah! XD;
Bio/Other things about you: I'm 21 years old... Playing online games to relax and have fun, as well as to meet some nice people... I draw and have a Deviant Art which I rarely update XD; Uhhh that's about it I guess... /( - w - ;

So yeah, hope we meet in game... Oh, and tank pl0x!!11one \( ' w '-