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Originally Posted by Virus
Abyss only needs a Boss, other than that it's finished.

I highly doubt Phantom School will ever actually be used for anything as it's -completely- neglected in Trickster and always has been. Heck, the place doesn't even have Shadow monsters or anything. Mad Ray is basically considered a normal monster even, not a boss.

Phantom Dungeon was just something thrown in there to give it -something-, but meh.
that means ntreev will add a new town called Abyss platinoia. It will be found right next to ghostblue. However i m not comfortable with the lv 290 requirement. Since tap is lv 230 for quests, abyss should be level 250 or so. Boss predator should be lvl 999 and spicy demoted to 8xx. He will be much stronger than spicy. Now we consider the boss lvls:
tut=71, tomb = 120, skull = 152, karan= 250, count=330, tenter=420, odinea = 520, soki = 630, spicy will be lv 8xx or so, predator lv 9xx. SO we are missing a lv 7xx boss spot. Either ntreev will add a new boss with a totally new area(alteo empire maybe ^^ for epi6), change the bosses lvls so that soki is lv 7xx, queen 6xx, tenter 5xx etc, Or simply make spicy lv 7xx and add a lv 8xx boss if abyss shld be remained lv 290.

btw, Boss predator may be found here. Or ntreev simply extend abyss(adds back seadragon, leviathan, mantaray etc).

seems reina is actually after a treasure. Maybe shes related to La vida?
Dragon nest FTW, Nexon can eat my crap ><

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