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Originally Posted by Zegridathes
Oh yeah, it does seem slower... I can't get all up in bosses faces the way I used to.

Mangling didn't seem any different though. Nor did my personal favorite: the skill where you throw the sword (forgot the name).

Gotta be a temp. cap since the shops are selling gear at all levels.

What's the new change to fishing... I was sleep-fishing yesterday (head on desk, eyes closed, listening for the fish sound) when some other noise would play and I'd not catch anything... I caught a brief glimpse of it once but couldn't make out what I was supposed to do besides something possibly mouse related.
For the mini-game, just keep the fish within the two red lines by dragging them up with your left click/space key. There will be numbers in the background stating the depth starting with "9", you get a fish when you successfully drag it up above "0".

Just use your arrow keys + space bar to talk to NPCs around town, and move your mouse over to the NPC windows so you can use space bar for that too.