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I've just been turned off by the game.

For get a sniper. Too bad it's on a time limit.....Well...that's ok.........*looks at time limit* .....What....The...FFFF?!!?!?? 5 Hours? Are you ****ing me? You make an average of 400 per game if you do well. How the hell are you supposed to get 35K again in 5 friggen hours? Missions will help, but only to a certain point, you'll still have to earn a HUGE majority of it.

Do the math NAO. You'll earn 400 per 20 minute game. You'll earn 1.2K in 1 hour then. Now just multiply 1.2K by 5....huh. That doesn't even cover 1/4 of the cost of the sniper.

Ugh........Also it appears revolvers are epic win. And the sniper is need to shoot where someone is GOING to run.....ya gotta be pinpoint accurate as well...>_>. Friggen snipers are gimped.