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Originally Posted by ZOMFGiTsRoy
The Slide-Shots on one monster is amazing damage when both maxed, plus it's literally not able to be canceled as opposed to Burning Land or (R.B.) Iron Bomb.
?? rb iron bomb is dash cancellable as fast as reg

Originally Posted by Lunar
burning land and impartial are slow and channeling.. it doesn't allow as much mobility, not sure if fluoride maxed both impartials but i would only max one if i still played ryan, cause i ran out of sp
not only that... both those shots are 10 sec cd.. with invinci in front... mp is not an issue in stage, guild pots > than all
yes u max both... are u kidding they are awesome impartial is like the main source of dmg.. impartial also casts fast and its cancellable unlike burning land

burning land is trash imo it might be of SOME use in myth where all the mobs are just there getting flinched by party members but then again u have other things u can spam

and i have plenty of extra points in stage.. i maxed crit with the ones from rb
u only run out of points if u get other passives and i dunno y u would get those

o and for clarification for wut i said up there i meant keep both at 1 for pvp

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