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Originally Posted by masterzero
Hi guys , im a HK player and I made god gundam recently ( just released outside of cash means on HK) and I was wondering how good is god ( lol ) in K servers..... some people tell me when orchis , f91 and some more s papers get released in non cash means I won't be able to use it without dying a lot in a game... I like it pretty much as it is ( and I dont have yet hyper mode... this update put the cursed K suit exp tables -.- ) and I don't have much of a problem against existing s papers ( wzc , some cashed f91... etc)
God is a solid melee vs melee unit, but get a good player with any suit that can kite you and you will be outta luck unless you can get really good at catching up to people. God is just too squishy really.Thats the reason im putting full points into def on mine
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