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Default KLunia Trial Registration Guide - NO KSSN REQUIRED!

That's right! I noticed you can finally play klunia without having a KSSN. Legal, too, as far as I know. Only downside is you are limited to level 19 and some content may not be available. Here is a picture guide.

Before you begin you will need to first download and install the Nexon Plug. Link here
Too lazy to create a guide on how to install the plug. Just keep pressing the button on the bottom left and it should do just fine
Here is a link to the webpage.
아케이드 RPG = 루니아전기

1. First click the picture below.

2. Click the button below.

3. Fill in the information you want. Both passwords must match. Check the box and click the button.

4. Sign in by retyping the username and password and click the small button.

5. You username should then appear. Click the button.

6. A popup should appear. It is the kLunia downloader. Click the button as shown below.

7. Click the button.

8. You should now see this. The game is downloading and if you live outside Korea, it will most likely take a LOOONG time.

Guide by~

*edit* Eh crap I swear I looked all over for a guide to the klunia trial and I didn't see one... as soon as I post this, crunchy roll's thread with a video hit me in the face. Now I have a black eye.
Hopefully a picture guide may be of more use than a video to someone.

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