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Yes, it is Holic 2. If anyone checked the FAQs, it was there.

Actually, I'll get the link for source: Right here, babeh.

Also, I ran a 30-minute test for this game several weeks ago but didn't have time to log on back since I'm busy with other games. It's a decent game but it's mostly quest-based. One of the highlighted features of this game is the fact that characters and NPCs have voices, I guess. They kept the Korean voices. Don't worry, it's not annoying, though. (At least it wasn't for me.)

Just a little plus, if you have more than 2 characters in the character select, if you select one chara, the one who doesn't get selected will pout. I could say more detailed features but I only did a 30-minute run. I suggest looking at screenshots or YouTube videos to know more.

It passed as if a whisper.
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