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Noticed discussion on another thread but I think we should talk about it here.

Originally Posted by Blade361
HAC is kind of boring aswell, whenever you're not spraying people, you're trying to get as high up in the air as you possibly can so your missiles can hit them.

I would never use that tactic on HAC. Jumping high in vent mode=suicide. No cover and your just exchanging shots, once you finish your ammo you will be a piece of brick floating in the air.

Better method is to use buildings and shoot top down rather than jumpshooting. This way you can hide behind the building when people shoot you from below. A lot of people think if they have HAC they should just rush out and shoot all their bullets, but the most effective HAC's I have gone against are very good sneakers too.

In terms of fun both HAC and DSHC are around the same to me, even though I am not a rock user I probably dont get to appreciate DSHC as much.

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