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Originally Posted by RacerX
The numbers I have provided is sourced from a tw site from people who have accessed official korean web databases (undisclosed, but the numbers extracted can be found here sd鋼彈online機體資料庫-遊戲戰紀 ) to derive this information. This reference databses uses numbers to record their stat figures for unit (Every unit has stats for each categlory assigned with numerical inputs. Max value is 35, but it has not been confirmed whether it can be a true representation of the edge of a grind for all ranks), hence the information output is provided in numbers.

They have also noted that there could be slight variences between the web database data and ingame stat data, but as a general application these should work for most cases. There could be additional programs linking database-ingame hexagon up, but for now it is still unknown at this point. It is also possible that some skills on certain units can mean they gain more/less per custom point, but that hasnt been proven in anyway as of yet.
Thanks. I don't know if I trust the numbers for stat gain, but it certainly is interesting.