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IGN: Holyana/DLH/Angela
Class: Bow RW/Minstrel/Wind EM lt_treasurehunter
Level: 19x/19x/19x
Guild: Royalty

Read the Guild Rules: Yes
Character IGN: Holyanabunny
Character Job/Class: Treasure Hunter
Character Level: 130
Activeness: ex. 1-4 hours a day
Main Character: Yes, Holyana is the main
If you were in another guild, reason for leaving that guild is: There were only two active members and the other one was quitting the game. I wanted to find a more social guild to join.

Real Name: Danielle
Age: 24
Nationality/Ethnic: Human?
Location: Northern California
Time Zone: Pacific
What you do for a living: Work from home
Type of music you enjoy: Most anything but I love 80s
Microphone: Nope
Ex guild and the reason you left: AnarchyBunnyClan, see reason above
Reason You Want To Join Royalty: Seems to be a more social group of people. Looking to meet new people and make more friends ingame.
DLHKitty 19x Minstrel
HolyanaBunny 19x Bow Ruin Walker
AngelaBunny 19x Wind Elemental Master