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Originally Posted by Noperative
I just used Download Link 1 lol. If it's getting slow (under 200kbps) then change.
But when I download normally, it always goes down to around 20kbps >.>; Im currently trying the mirror site 2 and it seems to be staying around 50kbps or so...But I imagine that'll take awhile to download, right? Im guessing its to do with whatever you use to download, or something... Also, when I saved it this time, I noticed I had to save it as an "application" but I dont recall what I saved it as with just said it was a "file". So, maybe it'll work this time. Also, when I open it, does it give you that "open with?" thing? If so, I do open it via internet...right? ^^; Thanks for your answers tho~ ^^

Edit: Ah, I tried another link, and its staying around 160kbps, it seems

Yet another edit: Ok, so, Ive downloaded it and sucessfully installed it, yay! =D Ive gotten this "ECO Client ver1" up and its asked for my account ID Registration - but I already registered. So, I typed my details again to see if it had registered me, and it had. do I get onto ECO, log in and create my character - I cant wait to get started on this X3

Another edit >.>; : Ok, so, Im clicking update, since I read somewhere that you need to do that for the game start to appear. Its updated to ver.10 alread, and is about to go up to that right? Will Gamelaunch appear if I update enough? (Or something >.>; )
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