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Default Cant open the file, really confused

Im sorry if this is in the wrong place! And I also checked the other topics, and none of them addressed my problem. Its not just techinical issues with ECO as much as it might be my computer. Or perhaps just my n00b-ish-ness.
I use Windows 7 btw. And Im not very...uh...fluent in detailed computer speak, like file names and such...sorry... >.>; Anywayz, Im gonna be real specific, might find what Im doing wrong...
So, I went onto the ECO site, and downloaded that "flashget" thing. I messed with it a little, to see how it arranges things and stuff, and it seems ok. The thing is, I had to open it via "open as admin". Since it was late, I thought I'd download ECO today. When I switched on my laptop, I went onto the ECO site, chose the folder to save in and everything, using flashget. I let it do that, and tried to open flashget via administator. Didnt work. I allowed the program, still wouldnt open. I cant find a way to open it. But since I saved the ECO in a folder on my computer, it was ok. (Well, it makes a little alert noise when its finished) So, I have the ECO file in my folder. I went to sign up. (Out of interest, why is it only between Malaysia and Singapore? Prolly an obvious question, but just wanted to know.) I expected some email with a confirmation, but I didnt. Is that normal? And then I went to open the file - it says "open with". I clicked on Internet Explorer, it makes sense to me. And it comes up with copying/downloading (I dont know what) again except with what I originally used to download with (Cant name it, its like a windows default thing or something). I did so, and just got a copy of the original file with it doing the same thing when I opened it with internet the first time round. So, how do I open the actual application of ECO? I went back onto the site, and found this "Game client MD5 verification code" and downloaded it. Tried to open it - "Windows cant open this file" and it goes onto how it'll use the internet to find what it needs to download it with. I click that, and windows says its an unknown file. Great help, thanks. I dont even know what that verification code is! Can someone explain it to me? I did try looking up tips and stuff, but I couldnt find much, people just seem to get it. Wah...I really wanna play this game...hope someone can help, thanks!