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I think the bigger problem with constant hackers is like phatkat always says, the game is WAY too outdated. While GameGuard is our "anti-hack/cheating" protection, it's so dated that people no the in's and out's of it like no tomorrow. Pangya itself, with a few clever patches and alternate exe files can do those "hacks" like sending items that are not mailable over the player mail systems and such. THESE are problems that the parent company should be dealing with.

The major development decisions like items in the shop and what can and cannot be sold/mailed, etc... those are in the hands of NTreevUSA and it is THOSE things that makes a player angry at them.

Sometimes, I wish I could just have a public/private Pangya server where I can just tell people who hack/cheat and greedy gaming companies to all just piss off and let the players have their fun instead. One day... XD

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