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Default Metty answers!

Well, you asked, and now here's his answers. Enjoy!


Originally Posted by Torikakae
Now that you've killed MMOShite, who's your next lucky victim?
Well on IRC I'm currently not letting a fifteen year old live down this one TF2 game where he complained on his mic constantly or that fact the he is the youngest out of all of us.

Originally Posted by Miyuki
If mmoshite strikes back, what will you do?

Originally Posted by PedroRomero
What is your hobby outside of gaming?
I enjoy reading science fiction such as Warhammer 40,000, prefer the novels about the Imperial Guard since the Space Marines are basically "Hurr durr, I just got shot by a massive tank and I am completely fine" and heroic fantasy such as the books that David Gemmell wrote, pity he died. I used to doodle but quite frankly I suck at drawing so I basically ended up playing with Adobe Photoshop for hours on end. All the signatures I use except for the ones that say Than'Guan-Vvar on them I made. Than'Guan-Vvar or TGV as I was also known as was my name when I used to play Aliens Vs Predator 2. Than'Guan-Vvar is Yautja (Predator) for Midnight Hunter.

Originally Posted by Light
How long have you been a WoW gamer, what is your favorite part of it, and what other game have you played that you really enjoyed?

About four of the five years it has been out. I first played it at a lan event at a local lan centre and we had this contest of who could find certain items the quickest and then get to Ironforge. Me having never played it had no clue what the hell I was doing and ended up in Redridge Mountains(15+ zone) as a level two human warrior and died horribly and said WoW was the worst game ever. Later on I got to work in that lan as part of my college course for a week and made an Undead priest and Nightelf hunter followed by my Human female rogue and fell in love with the game. I began playing it in earnest sometime around the Ahn'Qiraj patch.
I still have my rogue and raided on her in The Burning Crusade upto the Gruuls Lair raid before rerolling a Nightelf druid who thankfully was able to do more than just DPS so I got the experience the aspects of tanking and healing. I raided with her upto the Serpentshrine Cavern raid as a tank while helping my friends guild by tanking for them in the Battle of Mount Hyjal and Black Temple raids. Later on in that expansion I rerolled to a female Draenei shaman, I <3 female Draenei with their Russian accents, horns, perfect hips, blue skin and kinky tail.. err I mean variety of classes they can be. She became my first spellcaster to ever get past level 30. I raided the two hardest raids of that expansion: Sunwell Plateau and Black Temple on her. When WotLK came out I rerolled a Death Knight to see what they were like, raided what little content was out and quit WoW. Only until a few months ago I came back, getting my shaman to level 80 and killing stuff as a melee DPS.
Recently rerolled an Orc Warlock who is now 80 and decently geared with some friends.
Favourite parts of the game would have to be raiding for fun back before I was a "hardcore" raider doing raids for 12 hours a week, the wonderful lore that the game has, the music which is some of the best I have heard in a video game and the many friendships I have had and still have with people from the various guilds I have been in. Have some from all over Europe since I play on EU and many of us also play other games together as well.
I'll skip the console games that I have enjoyed simply because this will be stupidly long anyway. Over the years I have enjoyed games such as Lunia, Anarchy Online, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Dawn of War, Battlezone 2, Alien vs Predator, Quake, Jedi Academy, Freelancer and Team Fortress to name but a few.
I was also on the same server as a few of the more famous PvP players, namely Theplague(Shadowpriest with about 500k+ pvp kills), Acrono(famous rogue), Chrille(famous druid), their guild Doomsquad, Unbreakable(semi famous shaman) and in the same server battlegroup(groups of servers that share the same PvP battleground instances) as Perkulunt/Perkulator(another rogue).
Bet you didn't expect such a long answer eh?
Also anyone reading this who plays on the European version of WoW and would like to hang out or run some instances you can contact me on Chamber of Aspects, Horde-side on my Orc warlock Metty.

Originally Posted by RoflKnife
Who's Captain Yigonyo-rndak?
When I was doing English in high school and later again in community college due to not getting that great of a grade, I took up fanfic writing(no, you will never see them, ever) for the creative writing part of my English class which pretty much ended up as Soul Calibur fapfics eventhough the smut was mostly all implied("Mitsuguri lunged at Taki swinging his sword like a warrior god of olde, slicing away the top of her skin-tight leotard exposing her volumptous boosom while grinning impishly at her, causing the ninja to blush" etc etc).
Later on I got into stuff like Cthulhu and wanted to write a story about a renegade pirate with a Lovecraft(guy who invented Cthulhu) sounding name. Eventually I came up with Yigonyo-rndak(said as Yig-on-ye oh Rin-dak) since Lovecraftian names are supposed to be "impossible for any mortal tounge" to pernounce. The quote "I am Yigonyo-rndak, captain of The Damned Insanity. Now get the hell off my ship." was the opening and only line I ever wrote for that story, one day I might sit down and actually start working on it.
Originally Posted by zgmfx19a
Why the deep hatred towards MMOshite?
It isn't really hatred, more like getting a sick enjoyment out of picking apart their articles word by word(especially the WoW ones) and then flaming the writer for not having any real facts or not even bothering to research what he or in Jaimes' case, she chose to write about. A few particular ones that come to mind are:

Originally Posted by Noperative
What games do you think you'll try out in the future? Give reasons wry.
Might try Huxley once its fully released on Ijji purely because I beta tested it and was okay but not the best.
Only other games I can think of would be the new Alien vs Predator coming out for the PC as I have quite fond memories of the original version and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm since I still play WoW and find it enjoyable, don't know if I'll get the collectors edition like I did for Wrath of the Lich King, depends on what's in it.

Originally Posted by xTakayama
What do you do when you're bored?
If I'm at the computer, mess about in Photoshop, browse forums or chat on IRC. Otherwise read some of my books or day dream since I have a very good imagination.

Originally Posted by Dook
How did you come up with the name Metty?
I slightly touched on the origin of it in this thread: /forum/general-discu...tml#post836341
However a friend reminded me that it was originally a character of mine in a Star Wars based roleplay in the game Star Wars: Dark Forces 2 and was an orphan with long black hair, purple eyes, and the apprentice of the Sith Lord Lootaas which Metty accidently found and freed from a cryostatis prison on a planet he had no memory of ever going to, and very skilled at using saber staffs(the lightsaber Darth Maul used).
This carried over into a roleplay we did with Jedi Academy. When I was in college we also had a lan centre called GameTheWorld and my previous gaming name I had been using since I was 10 on MSN Gaming Zone was The_super_snake, later EsA_Snake, however people kept assuming I was random unoriginal Metal Gear Solid fan #9001 so I ended up using the name of my roleplaying character. On a side note Metty was originally Lootaas' nickname for Metamorphose(in later roleplays not set in the Star Wars universe he was a traditional Dark Knight like in the Final Fantasy series) in the Star Wars roleplay. Ironically one friend still calls me Snake while all the others call me Metty, even when we gather in person I am the only one referred to by their gaming name which I sort of have mixed feelings about. However I also have several aliases which a secretive few know me as.

Originally Posted by Johnnywup
What is your social security number?
Where do you live?
What's your favorite type of ice cream?
Ironically, I don't even know my National Insurgence Number(UK version of a SSN I believe). Seeing as I doubt anyone could find me anyway, I live in Northern Ireland between the cities of Belfast and Lisburn in a village called Dunmurry. As for the ice cream it's a toss up between plain white vanilla, vanilla with vanilla pod, chocolate mint and cookie dough.

Originally Posted by 7hatGuy
Do you like anime/manga? If so, which genre(s)?
Yes I do like anime, as for the genres I've never been good with the various terms such as senein and what not. I enjoy stuff with sword fighting like Claymore, Berserk, the original Kenshin OVAs that were all srs bsnss grimdark, and *cough*Bleach*cough*, as well as stuff with mechs, super robo, real robo, it's giant robots so it's all the same to me though I find real robo such as Gundam more aesthetically pleasing. As well as psychological stuff like Paranoia Agent and One Outs(was classified as psychological on my site I watched it on) and random stuff like Air Gear.

Originally Posted by Catharsis
If you can change anything in /ggftw, what would it be?
Well, probably find a way to add a setting that would allow you choose if you want view any code their text has like colour and alignment or not. As it can be quite annoying to have someone use size one font with centre or
right alignment(I don't check the middle of right side of the screen when scrolling down and just assume it's a blank post) and something like grey or yellow on a white background and then attempt to read it. But then again
that would make ascii tables harder to read depending on how they are done.

Originally Posted by Silver Rook
Your avatar is awesome. Did you draw that?
Yeah, my little psycho face as a friend calls it I made during a boring VB class at a local community college. Spent maybe 5-10 minutes in paint making it.

Originally Posted by NotTanja
As an avid Pokemon player, does it upset you when someone says Pokemon is for 12 year olds?
Oh hi there crazy German girl. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I enjoy most games including the ones from my childhood such as games from the Atari, Commadore 64, and even Pokemon so it doesn't bother me.

Originally Posted by Shugi
Are you married?
Nope, I'm single. Women aren't high on my priority list at the moment.

If you would like to volunteer to be interviewed, please contact Mitchi.

-ggftw Community Staff
PM Kotarou, Mitchi, Miyuki, or Sanichi.
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