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Originally Posted by anthony001
ok thanks so basically i have to play like scissors with this unit. lol i wish this unit was scissors or maybe paper so that i can air dance i can stay in the air longer also about the boost down if i hit a freedom with n jammer will freedom be able to dash? I never tried it out cuz i can't seem to catch them when they activate their n jammers
No,No you're a rock don't forget about that, your melee is fine(quite good actually) its just a little on the slow side(low reaction stat).I mentioned the boost down + rockets as an alternative to just meleeing an alternative not many melee suits have.

And it depends with Njammer, if you boost him down to the point that he loses all of his boost than he will stop until he ragains a little bit.Njammer needs a little bit to start off with,Its always a good idea to boost them down though since boosting upwards still drains there boost.

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