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Originally Posted by sasano
Well if you do have 4 slots, Keep it.Its an amazing suit provided you know enough how to use a rock at least the basics.Boost down is of course amazing and it helps you compensate for your slow swings(makes it a lot easier to get people in melee) and even your bazooka has some pretty nice damage and fire rate.

Things you can do with it.

I could keep going on the different things this suit is good for but I think you get the idea with those few examples.This happens to be my favorite C rank and probably is among my favorite gundams period.Its a very good suit and I can promise that with a little bit of practice it will treat you good.
ok thanks so basically i have to play like scissors with this unit. lol i wish this unit was scissors or maybe paper so that i can air dance i can stay in the air longer also about the boost down if i hit a freedom with n jammer will freedom be able to dash? I never tried it out cuz i can't seem to catch them when they activate their n jammers