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Hey guys, I'm one of those deranged types, that googled my own name, and I found this post. Go figure. I'm glad you all took the screen shot, and I hope you remain vigilante as ever. It needs it, trust me.

To explain what happend after the Rune Fairy Wing incident. When I brought the truth to light, I was -Not- banned, from playing in the game. No no no. Instead, when I return to the forum, I recieve a nice little message "Access Denied" they shut me up, and Failstar can suck.. well.. you get the picture, when I got banned from access to the forum, immediately he decided he was "too grown up, to resign" only further showing him pulling the wool over everybody's eyes.

So what am I doing now? Well GOA got Season 4. So, I put my money down on some self-design packages, new clubs for myself and my girlfriend, and now we're kicking it in europe. If you can find a way to register, naturally, I would suggest you do so, if you can't register, I'm sorry I wish I could turn back their clock and make it so you all could jump on board with the rest of us, but, I'm not in control of their world, and haven't found a reason to really strike a nerve with them, yet.

Good luck with NtreevUS and it's BS.