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Originally Posted by LordHiro
Told u wat?? i dont even know u idiot ... all i kno is ur lv 3xx i see u around iv never spoken to u.... so dont dare say crap like tht
Either someone told me or you told me, I couldn't remember, but either way we all know those are your chars now, so why don't you stop flamebaiting and make yourself look even stupider than you already are. You're already a scammer and probably auto KoS once the news spreads, so who's the idiot now?

p.s. I'm in GoW, just like you used to be. I don't know you, nor do I want to know you kthx.
You can quit that "GoW4life" shit. God Of War will have nothing to do with a dirty scammer like you. And neither will Youpie and the rest once he hears about this. o_o

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