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LOL Yet More Haters !... Yes Please Kos me no matter how many times u kill me tht magic respawn button pops up and i come alive....i dont care if u think am not GoW the real GoW died wen we got pur 1st perma bans ... the simple way to avoid lame haters like you... stop playing pvp BOOM Problem solved now i cant be Kos lol idiots keep spamming the reports the GMs love my name PEACE !!!!!!!!!!

and its Gow4life not FTW idiot learn to read

Originally Posted by Ameh
Hiroo = TheKillSwitch. He told me in PvP himself (didn't SS it for proof, sorry). And he did use to be in GoW. I'm disappoint. In no way will he represent our guild as an ex-member. >__>
Told u wat?? i dont even know u idiot ... all i kno is ur lv 3xx i see u around iv never spoken to u.... so dont dare say crap like tht
Watching Over Trickster...

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