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Here comes a new challenger!!

Enter Pixelle, My fourth 2nd Job character!

Okay, so before anyone asks about Prime Potion usage, I'll be honest and say that I only used two and .. it does not bring the results that people are raging and complaining about. Some obvious liar was saying that he made 1-80 in 8 hours using Prime potions. That is a flat out lie. I used two with peach cans and I made around 4.5 levels in total. (level 73-77) I don't see how you can make the results of 10 levels an hour, it's just not possible for a new player or a seasoned player. With that being said, I call bs on whoever said that. They will be taken out of the fashion shop on thursday anyway, so what little damage there has been to the game is gone from an easily accessible point.

A side note: My Guardian will become a craft mule/ active alt once I am 110. I'm debating on what craft to make. Battle Weapon or Armor (top/bottom/hat) or (glove/shoe).

Later still, I will make a 5th crafter when I get around to leveling my explorer. I think I'm going to make him a TH since the idr buffs would make farming incredibly useful. I've tried GS and while I think I might enjoy playing one now and then, it seems like I'd get bored kind of like how lots of GS end up getting bored.

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