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Default Spitfire build - Maximizing damage with Electrocution

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I decided to try something different from the typical Spitfire build of Max Freeze and Blazing Bullet, and max Freeze Grenade.

Instead, I decided to go for max Freeze, max Flash Bang, and max Blazing Bullet. I decided against maxing Freeze Bullet, because the freezing rate is low and unreliable. The magic damage is still decent at level 5, so it's not completely useless.
However, I found the electrocution rate for Flash Bang high enough, so I'm maxing it for that. Electrocution = extra light element dmg for each hit, so I thought Flash Bang would increase my overall damage output more than maxing Freeze Bullet would.

Blazing Bullet is just maxed because the total damage increase per level is decent with the extra explosions multplying the damage.

I decided to get Cancel - Grenade because it's a steal in terms of SP. I can use the G-18 Buster as a second height raiser in place of Rising Shot cancel, or I can use a Freeze Grenade in PvE when a second mob is coming up to interrupt me.

I replaced Steyr AMR with Flamethrower, because Steyr AMR is mainly used for ranged dmg and pushback. I thought that Crossmore already accomplishes the distancing part, and Land Runners would suffice to annoy from a distance. Flamethrower gives quick hitstun, even when just pulled out and cancelled immediately, so I thought I could use it to get a quick grenade in.

Any thoughts or concerns?