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If you need an explanation then here:

AA dash AS S cancel will be your most used melee string. Kali's shift is after AA, you do AA, shift, then dash AS. You can also do this after AAA, if you add in a direction before A (like yuki's AAS, iirc doing this backwards will not work unless you're really close) you can change directions faster.

Kali's "windmill" is dash AS S cancel, shift repeat, I haven't been able to do it yet. ):

If you're too far away, AA sometimes will not register, so use dash AS S cancel to move in faster.

I still haven't managed to find out how Toly does that backwards wall away shift, he speeds it up so you can't see what he's doing. -.-

On a last note, a little trick with Duet of Rage and how to get it to air combo longer is to AA dash down then towards the combo-ee, so they are seemingly diagonal from you, do dash AS then Duet of Rage. This will make sure that the combo-ee takes the full hit of Duet, since the notes split up. To wall away combo with duet, use Discord, wait for 3 hits then dash under the person, do a quick turn around but make sure you're right onto the wall, then use Duet, you can then dash 2-3 times to catch up with them. By the time you get to them they should be high enough for you to do AA dash under dash AS S cancel.

Hope I helped,

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