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Originally Posted by Note
Now let’s take a look at the ‘chance’ system.
The ‘chance’ system is a system where you can control the game in detail on a certain
probability. When you are given this chance, you will obtain a special reward if you succeed in
fishing or cooking.
I hope you look forward to it and if you are lucky, you will get lots of chances. Good LUK!
So i guess luck applies to fishing now.

Originally Posted by Note
Let me provide some tips for the chance system.
When you are chance fishing, the fish escapes if you pull too hard on the fishing rod but it
will also escape if you let go too much. To fish successfully, you need to repeat pulling and
letting go while maintaining the balance. For chance cooking, you have to adjust the heat and
keep flipping the fish for 15 seconds to cook both sides of the fish evenly. The outcome of the
cooking is different according to how you cooked and you have a chance of obtaining at least
two to five bonuses. Once you start chance cooking, you cannot stop, so you will need to adjust
the heat well according to the time allocation.
Chance fishing seems more interesting. Chance cooking reminds me of cooking mama. ><

Originally Posted by Note
Let’s look at each life system in more detail. Fishing contest feature is added for fishing.
You can see the fishing contest notice at Kirrdroa. You will find all the contest-related
information like the date of the event and fishing points here. The winner of the contest is
rewarded with a new title for 3 days and a chance to catch a super fish. This special fish has
a secret that other fish don’t have. I will leave that for you to find out yourself.
They should implement a weight system to fishing. Heaviest catch of the day title anyone?
All hail OS~