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Originally Posted by Minorin
If you wanna go for cutdown lvl 4 or 5, you would have to give up rocket punch which i think is better for fighting boss since you cant launch them.

Sure you can relaunch that many mobs to do aerial frenzy again but at the end of the Mission Map is the boss which you cannot aerial. So i think rocket punch is better then cutdown. Helps me alot in tutu and toto.

+10agi or +10vit is quite useful at low lvl. which is why i recommand it. At lvl 19, since we are going to reset our skills. so why not use all the skill points instead of leaving it around.

P.S if you like cutdown, max it =) rocket punch is just what i prefer
First of all: Thanks for the guide! look pretty good to me, so I'll be using it!

I seriously like this guide, but I do have a question:
In the comment above you say that rocket punch was espacially usefull at tutu and toto... but in your guide you say that you should go to tutu and toto between level 20 and 30... at lvl 20 you become an assassin and you can reset your skills... you told us to keep aerial frenzy... but you didn't say anything about rocket punch... so when you where an assassin's I asume that you didn't had rocket punch anymore... how could it have been usefull at tutu and toto is my question...

I may be missunderstanding you... but this question raised my mind when I read your guide and the comments...