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Since there is not much activity here, I'll just try to continue the discussion on destiny gundam from the other page. Keep it to facts guys, no need to start flaming, you can prove your statements with facts instead of colourful words.

Racerx: You were talking about meleeing against rocks before, and I already stated why shouldnt melee the specialised close range units you have mentioned (some are non flinch units like god/master...).

I never said Freedom has bad melee (its melee is also one of the best for scissors), but with N jammer I would have adopted a different playing style. N jammer gives you unlimited boost, but you are already at less than 50% health, if there is more than 1 other unit on the opponents team when u go into melee, that would be the opportunity the other opponent is looking for to shoot you down while you are meleeing (Not sure if this is evident in TW, but in K where most units are OCed you will notice that if you get hit by a decent oced suit your basically dead eg.AR Palace Athene or FAZZ missles). I would rather make use of the radar and swing across from cover to cover while fitting shots in. Freedom does not have much higher attack though, Destiny can weapon1+2 or sword+plamo combo as well to take down scissors or papers easily. Destiny also has Seed EX too but I still wouldnt recommend charging into specialised rocks when under 50% health. Changing modes doesnt waste much time as long as u have a decent computer.

Boost down is also really effective when u work with ur team, if the opponent is not near cover when hit, he will be fired at by the rest of your teamates (Thats what makes Nataku so effective too). I already said not to catch people unless you are sure you have a high ratio of doing so, if the other person is better you should just stick back to shooting.

Just to add even though scissors shouldnt melee rocks, it doesnt mean it cant be upfront to melee other types and support the rest of your teamates. It also means if you are up front you can still use cover to land shots rather than going out to melee.
My points are directed at the original comment of 'Destiny's melee isnt that great'->if destiny's melee isnt good, then not many other scissors will have great melee too. I just dont want eugenelow to not consider making destiny because of that.
Originally Posted by Seim
1. If freedom has a better melee combo then destiny's melee "isnt that great"
2. The chance that u have a high ratio of landing a melee with palma is never when u fight real players
3. Destiny doesnt have what it takes to save another team mate getting meleed when its a 2v1 situation when ur the "2". Transform takes too long.
4. Look at Freedom's hexagon and destiny's hexagon and tell me that destiny can be on par in terms of damage. Switch shotting only requires 2 range weapons. Destiny only goes through its weapon set once and cant do anything else except weap 2. Freedom can rotate 2+3 for a max of 3 or 4 times (depending on defence command).
5. I have a destiny and played it enough to see how its used in battle. I'm not sure if u have one
6. Don't make destiny if u think its melee can help u fend off rocks eugenelow. It's the truth.
1+2. Already explained in my earlier reply. To add Destiny has a slower swing but has a much wider hit radius. I am not sure what your comment on plamo hitting real players refers to, but when catching opponents you should start with your sword.

3.You dont need to transform. You can knockdown beam in your normal mode, if your in melee mode then you can do the same as freedom and rush in to melee. By your logic Freedom is forced to rush in to melee if he cant shoot the opponent down, so its one less option to shoot from cover (making it more risky incase an enermy backup comes). Even if you are required to transform on Destiny doesnt take long on a decent computer, you can refer to videos of mode switching if you need (it is faster than MA transformations)

4.Hexagons for attack dont mean much when the units uses different weapons, even when they use the same type one unit can do more damage than another. Example of this would be FAZZ's missles is stronger than Sazabi's missles (even though Sazabi has higher attack on the hexagon). As for stringing weapons most people can fit 1-2 sets of w2-3 on freedom before the opponent realises hes being hit and looks for cover. The damage on that is not much different to one set of w1+2+3+2 from destiny (from experience I would say destiny seems to hit even harder, but that could be due to more destinys being OCed relative to Freedoms).

5. I have played both before too, but a lot of my experience also comes from playing with/against skilled players using both suits and knowing what they excel at and the best options for them to take in a team battle situation.

6. Nobody said to solely rely on melee to fend off rocks. Freedom can use n-jammer to run away, destiny knockdown beam to run away. If they have to melee freedom swings faster but destiny swings wider and has boost down at the end of the combo.

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