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Originally Posted by Gladiat
Lol I see those people all the time.
I stop attacking after 2-3 hits when I realize it's LS and not LE.

LOL I played those games on Eir sometimes with fake LS and people go WTF when they hit me with a weak attack or something.
I never played fake LS, i have to try that.

On catching ryans, i generally stay as far as possible from him as his bullets and railguns only go so far before they reach the edge of their range. I find it difficult to melee Ryans so I usually spam Pieces and wakeup-Tears/HS to damage him.

Confusing them works well too, as long as you don't dash somewhere you don't want to.

I don't like MB because rails go right through them and AoEs are just...blah.
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