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So I won a Lucifer Set today. (in 2 darts lol)

That makes my 1st place wins:

Valkryie Coupon (in 2 darts) Months ago
Pink Panda (in 4 darts) Last week
Luci Set (in 2 darts) This week

Try to fathom the amount of win to see your ENTIRE screen do that ^^ but not on a normal laptop.. on a 32 inch screen when you're room is pitch black. It's scary and beautiful at the same time.

So now the question is... should I save it, use it combined with my Gabriel Set, Sell it for like 70-80m (doubt I am), or what. ;;

Edit: If anyone's wondering why I have 6 Wolf Urns, they're Rabana Urns. It's just some glitch because they didn't put rabana's face on the urn. ;;

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