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Originally Posted by Seim
Well, if u think Tallgeese I is easy to gacha, i dont see why blue frame isnt as easy too.
And what do u mean "Do you know what a zooker is" From what i've seen for the past year, tallgeese I and blue frame both use zooks.

Kampfer is easy to get since it is EX1, the easiest EX to pass. And why not compare kampfer to gundam/red astray? They're all B rank and they're all good for melee training

I do read and those two are easy to get in the TW version :>

Ez8 BR is awesome due to the fact of precision + def command. Cookie Cutter sniper with almost everything u need.
EX 1 is not easy in any shape or form.Easy would be something a beginner can do by himself.It might be easy for us with a entourage/connections but not for everybody and like Funk said, Ex3 is a lot easier than Ex1.

I assumed you meant Blue Second L not the mediocre B rank.Tallgesse is just better, but I guess it depends on wether you know how play or not.

Gundam/Red astray are a million times easier to get, than Kampfer the comparison fails because any moron can describe why a top tier MS is better than one who isn't. RedA & Gundam are easy to use and easy to gain Rock types that you can get literally get on your first day of playing.

Oh hi, I'll suggest to you what I suggested your logic-impaired friend.READ before you POST.