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Originally Posted by RacerX
Your Kampfer and my Heavyarms Kai share the same paint set I think I still cant figure out what's wrong with the backgrounds when I try to take the pictures, if anyone has had similar troubles before and solved it please let me know (For reference look at my picture for V2 Buster and see how the background is tiled instead of one proper background).

Even after I click the snap button and the next window pops up, if I save the picture that picture isnt cropped correctly and includes a bit of the menu...also I cant adjust the size of any of these windows, so sometimes I cant even press the buttons because some of the popup windows are too small
Might be ur resolution or something my pictures usually look messed up before I save them.

And yeah I love that paint set since it makes the MS usually white and from there you can edit the details, I just haven't found any paint that I prefer for the shoulders.