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Some of my favorites:

BR EZ-8 : I have a thing for shell snipers with a beam rifle as a sidearm.

BS MK.II : Just got this, standard gundam weapons and a quick melee combo (<3 Vulcans).

Zephyranthes fb : Again, standard gundam weapons. For people who used M1 Astray as their first MS, there's almost no transition from that one to this one except this one has better handling due to booster extension.

Deathscythe : Quick melee knockdowns usually negates the chance of being countered by a spec, that and you always win in terms of damage if you get cross-countered.

Tallgeese I : Weapon 3 can make up for inexperience @ using zooks if you shoot it in a spread, that and an experienced player will likely out-melee most other B ranks with booster extension + limiter release + 4x hit melee combo.

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