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I...I missed an IDR event ;____;

Current happenings of teh Kibby:

Final animation project, 2 full page comics due in the next couple days. I just finished filling up 20+ pages of my sketchbook that I was behind on( read:30 hours of work) that's due tomorrow.

I THOUGHT I was going to have a friend come over and help me with my portfolio today, but he decided to flake on me, leaving me to struggle with photoshop for 6 hours that I SHOULD have been spending on comic or animation work( which i am now ridiculously behind on now mind you).

Then my flash drive (the one said friend lent me) decides to stop working for some reason, so i had to go out and buy a new one. Hour wasted...

And during all this, my dog decides today would be a good time to get sick again and start having mini seizures while I'm at home by myself. I get to panic taking care of him, then he gets up as if nothing happened and i kill 2 hours following him around the house making sure he doesn't crash into anything ._.

Tomorrow i will live on campus in the animation lab working on my project that i should have been doing today.

On a side note, once friday comes around i will be free, and will commence killing zombies to vent out my frustration