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Default Suit Customisation Thread

This thread is for discussing customisation methods for units in game. The format used is in accordance to the KR/TW versions. Other versions should also have this system implemented sometime in the near future.

As a reference to how much you need to level a suit before you can customise, please refer to the table provided in the link below:

Suit EXP Tables - SDGO Wiki

You can customize suits once you have leveled up a suit enough such that the custom boxes are highlighted in white.

The boxes are located here:

The grid when translated is this:

Attack - Increases the amount of your melee/range attacks.

Agility - Increases the suit's reaction time (how fast you can initiate actions)

HP - Increases the suit's health

Defense - Increases the suit's defense (does not apply when hit by specials)

Special - Increases the damage your suit's special will do

Speed - Increases the suits boost speed (boost duration remains the same)

To obtain OC1 you must first get the maximum number of slots on your suit leveled up. So in the above picture its an 3 slot God gundam as noted by the boxes labeled Custom 1-3(4). Once you level up your suit through those, you may then proceed to overcustom it by going into the Factory.

The table for how many extra oc points you get per OC level are as below:

OC1 = 1 oc point
OC2 = 1 oc point
OC3 = 0 oc point (50% battery fees)
OC4 = 2 oc points
OC5 = 2 oc points
OC6 = 3 oc points
OCEX= 0 oc points (pick an additional skill from here: Over Custom - SDGO Wiki)

Each rank also gains more stat per point than the succeeding ranks. For example, C ranks stand to gain more stat per point than B ranks, and B ranks gain more than A ranks. The gains for HP tend to be minimal for every rank, however. When you get to S ranks, the gains for HP roughly equals to the gains for Defense. So it may be advised that you put points into HP instead of Defense for your S ranks.

Please note that HP, Speed, and Agility add slightly more per custom point relative to OC point:

Custom Point increases (Per Custom point):
Attack (+0.9)    
Defence (+0.9)    
HP (+0.6)    
Speed (+1.8)  
Agility (+1.8)   
Special (+2.4)   

Overcustom Point increases (Per OC Point):

Attack (+0.9)
Defence (+0.9)
HP (+0.3)
Speed (+1.2)
Agility (+1.2)
Special (+2.4)

*Part of the information sourced from:

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