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Well, Ken has stated he doesn't want to reveal his dragon's IGN. Fair enough. But since we know it's a level 178 dragon (and I assume this is a totally unedited screenshot... lols) I was curious if there really is a dragon whose name ends in "nNa".

His screenshot was taken at 14:12:13 Toronto time, which is about 4-5 hours behind me. I'm currently 20:37 GMT. Even if he were to level this mage a few levels since he posted, the rankings don't update themselves until 4am PST everyday. I've checked the rankings just now and there isn't even any lvl 178 dragon whose name ends in "Na".

p.s. Lol usop. I did the same thing. But my list is a lot shorter. It shows all mages in the 177~179 range, and his is not in it.