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Originally Posted by BoredomKillz
wait dance groove isnt in OB yet? o.o;;; i played the CB months ago!!! how is it not in OB yet? xD
and weeeeee im one of those people from this accursed forum 8D /feels special

/contributed absolutely nothing to your problem
hi its 3:30 am and i cant sleep dont shoot me =.=
Ahahahaha, you never fail to make me smirk, Pie.

Sadly, yeah. But being this long, I'm expecting a lot of new content when OB is out for DGO. I hope I still get a CB shirt. I was in CB1 and 2, but I only reached the required level for the CB shirt at CB2.

It's all right. At least I got amusement from you.
Can't sleep, can you? Who needs sleep, anyway? You just need to loop a musical video of Tog, Briggy, and Lime singing together. 8D YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT YOUR TIREDNESS, THEN.

It passed as if a whisper.
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