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I love you people, I swear.

Since you're all off-topic anyway, I'll bring the dump in, too. THAT'S RIGHT, I'M RUBBING SALT UNTO YOUR WOUNDED THREAD, MR. SANICHI.

I need more games. I play at least 3 MMOGs and ever since my desktop died a few months ago, I've been stuck with my PSP and ECO because Ken and Twiz crai'd from their loneliness. When I get my laptop back from the repair shop (because the LCD failed me last month), I'll reload more MMOGs unto my laptop. I've been sharing a laptop with my younger brother all this time.

LT is out of my fkin' list, ty.

I'm waiting for the OB for Dance Groove.
I'll patch PangYa, then I'll probably play Phantasy Star Online again... Kind of missing it.
Currently playing ECO and CloudNine (Holic 2).

Because of several people from this cursed forum, I'm considering Valkyrie Sky, too.

As for desktop games, I've been replaying Sims 2 and Xenogears at my laptop. For PSP, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology and Final Fantasy Dissidia. I wanted to try out Persona 1 remake as well as ToW: Radiant Mythology 2. I'm waiting for Persona 3 remake.

Need more. I just do.

It passed as if a whisper.
Raise your blade, sir.