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Here are the Pokemon that I think should have a new evolution:

1.) Pinsir - I'd definitely love to see an evolution of this pokemon. Pinsir's stats are good and all, but I'd love to see an evolution with even better stats. Not to mention, Pinsir's one of my most favorite bug types. Maybe its evolution should be Bug/Fighting or Bug/Rock, that'll be cool.

2.) Heracross - This guy is definitely begging for an evolution. I'd like to see an evolution which looks much fiercer and has better stats. Keep the Bug/Fighting type though.

3.) Beedrill - This pokemon definitely needs a further evolution. Beedrill is definitely one of the best-looking bug types in my opinion, but never used one because its stats and movesets suck. They should make an evolution for this guy where he finally gets GOOD stats and GOOD movesets such as X-Scissor.

Maybe they could make it like this:
Weedle -- Lv. 7 --> Kakuna -- Lv. 16 --> Beedrill -- Lv. 36 --> ???

4.) Butterfree - Of course, if Beedrill gets another evolution, then so should Butterfree. Just like Beedrill, Butterfree's stats suck, and I'd also like to see it get another evolution.

5.) Combee (male) - Okay, so female Combees evolve into the awesome Vespiquen. However, how about male Combees? I think male Combees should also get an evolution as good as Vespiquen, and this evolution should excel in offense and agility because Vespiquen already excels in defense.

But yeah, that's all for now. And if anyone noticed, yes, I am indeed very fond of Bug-types. :3