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Sylvana pulled away from Angelito, a bewildered look on her face. She thought he might suggest something like that, but not so suddenly.

" W-what?! Don't be silly! I can take care of myself... " Sylvana blurted out, a bit flustered. Not only that, but they certainly would be creating a scene. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal to her, but she somehow felt more vulnerable than usual at the moment.

Sylvana took a deep breath. She might as well tell him the truth, rather than delay them both.

" I kind of got careless and stepped on something. Silly me, huh? Hehe... " Sylvana giggled weakly as she reached down on the ailing area of her foot. Upon feeling something small and sharp embedded, she immediately pulled it out, biting her lip in the process. The silver-haired reyvateil quickly threw the obtrusive object into the street corner, causing a small tinkling sound in the distance. It was most likely a sliver of glass from a broken vial, and probably from one of the town's many careless alchemists.

" Ow. I... I think I'm fine now. Can I just follow you? " Sylvana heaved a relieved sigh, sounding a little unsure of herself. She was probably mildly bleeding, but it was nothing she couldn't handle. She was more worried about being embarrassed about being carried around in public.