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Default Nice JOB

I have read all guide, i was searching for Soulcraft success/fail table rates; i have seen one for enhancement and its ok, although its not accurate at all it rates might be similar to this table, i wanted to know rates for soulcrafting this way but i have never find em; but i also had the opportunity to read all your guide wich is really really nice, im not Warmage, im Gladiator 38 actually, its a ****ing pain to lvl up cuz find parties is too hard, maybe bcuz of our crappy way of life bugged in 6 of our best skills, also noobiez with hammer spam, dunno the exact reason, i would like to have the opportunity to show my gladiator play.

Anyway... i liked your guide i really would like to have a Myrmidon guide like this, i also have an acolyte so this guide helps me a bit, i guess the best part of it was the MM rewards cuz i have been searching also, and the boss attacks(still searching a way to unfreeze ****ing mole in candecent cavern, i use to press everything in my mind for unfreeze but also want to know how to).

Please take time to make guide for other char i would be glad to read it.

NICE JOB and please keep playing, hackers will be everywhere but the most important thing is to have fun playing.

P.D. I would like to know how to make lavalon weapon, what are these "aram" stuff, if possible the formulas for crits,evade, acc, def(cuz str,vit,agi adds def), etc any formula will be fine.