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I'll have Pics of Cujo soon as I find the charger for Brian's phone but this is what he looks like xD

I'll try the ball just to see how well it goes with him. As far as the cats My cats don't mind him Tigger my oldest inst to sure about him yet but Brian's cat Sassy trys to play with him alot. As far as the dog goes I'm sure he wouldnt hurt him but the dog is really snobby when it comes to food..I know this sounds mean but I kicked that gd dog because he went after my cat cus my fat and food and when he tried to bite my cat I kicked him >_>;; I dont want him doing that to Cujo.

As far as his diet goes..Atm he eats my cat's food its pretty high in protein and I give him bits of my magos when I have them, other then that he eats seeds and nuts.

I'm not worried about him being litter box trained because the other day when I let him out, he went right into the closet where I keep my cats litter box , tho he didnt get into it he pooped on the pad under neath the litter box. So I made him up a small one for his cage but I gotta put it in the place he poops D=

He's taking up with me over Brian which is funny I get him out and he wants me to hold him, Brian gets him and he's clawing to get away and run around.

One more question tho..Should I clip his nails? They're long and they hurt but I'm used to being clawed by my moms cat. But I have smaller kids that wanna play with him. I've cliped my dogs nails and my cats before but Should I on his since they are really long and he has nothing to wear them down on?
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