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Here's a few small updated items for your list:

Champ punching bag [F] 6 pesos

Atlantean Pendant [F] 65 pesos

Military tent [D] 35 pesos

Game winning ball [E] 67 pesos

Extra Sour Lemon [C] 93 pesos


Pretty much shaz and the list have most of what i've been catching down, but I've managed to get this xD

Atlantean pendant [A] 975
Champ's Punching Bag [SS] 240 pesos
Extra Sour Lemon [A] 187
Four-Leaf Clover [A] 1165 pesos (Not on List)
Mecha Fish [SS] 600 pesos
Military Tent [F] 7 pesos
Relaxed Wind Spirit [A] 570 pesos
Rhythmic Cuttlefish [S] 1400 pesos
Rhythmic Cuttlefish [B] 700
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