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Originally Posted by ArturiaPendragon
Hmm... Honestly, there are quite a few for me.

1) The sunset view at Aoich, the path to the Dark Moon Castle, like Fayt.
2) Midgard. Nice calming music, bright atmosphere... What more can you ask for? XD
3) Cookie Garden. That place is so cuuute. T^T <3... But the monsters there are evil.
4) Toad Island. I think that place where there is a small river at the left. It's at the center portal at the city, I think?
5) Wedding Hall. Small but cute enough. 8D

I have more than that but those are my top five which I like sitting around at. XDD
ㅎㅅㅎ /keeps eyes peeled for tewwa stalkage.

let's see... the prettiest place in LT...? ignoring the fact that sitting anywhere in LT is relaxing,
i actually like the windy area of the dining train, where you see the poor waiter
humbly waiting to serve... no one. maybe a few zals when they get tired of dying?
it's not beautiful, persay, but it's soothing looking at the passing mountain tops,
given you're not the type to get carsick just by looking at moving scenery in a game.

other than that, i LOVE both of the interior and the exterior of the midgard bar, it's gorgeous *u*

oh shi- WHO IS THAT SEXY BEAST? DROOL. i'll be your dwaejitokki ♥ ~

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