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Hatshipuh will become famous soon enough
IGN: Hatshi/Other
Class: Blader/GS/TH/MG
Level: 19x/17x/14x/16x
Guild: Nocturne

Hatshi - Lv.155 Blader

Geez why do I have to be the Grind Partner >>;

Hatshipuh - Lv.136 Gunslinger

Blah more PvP Farming, blasted Epic Shirt...once again -.-

OGP: Hatshipuh - Lv.156 Blader
Aeria: Hatshi - Lv.19x Blader
Hatshipuh - Lv.17x Gunslinger
Puh - Lv.14x Treasure Hunter
Amuro - Lv.16x Meister