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Oh how I've waited for this day.Ntreev USA (not KR) has single handily ruined not one, not two, but 3 games I once considered enjoyable. They are very spirit of pestilence, any thing they touch is doomed to wither and die, not with a bang, with a whimper.

From Trickster I started, and when it first began it was a simple, but fun game. only complaints I had were the refining and compounding systems; but even then with some work and not too much cash you could do ok. That didn't last long, pretty soon came a time where if you weren't a casher you got skipped over for parties, if you didn't have cash sprints you never got any kills to level, and if you didn't have cash shop gear you never got to kill a boss. (was the jackass that did all these things so I remember very well how it was.) I remember even defending nfail's ways saying "needs money to run the game lol" "or you play for free nab, you expect to truely get anywhere here?"

It was about my One year anniversary into the game when they released their first "vintage pet gacha town" and I ragequitted, truth be told it had already been two months since I stopped having fun anymore, cash had ruined all and any fun that remained in the game, it had become one big item mall, buy your box, show off your stuff. and you were untouchable by mobs already 5 lol box sets ago. The "Game" was gone.

Depressed on how much time and money I had wasted I drifted between games a bit... for some reason I had become so sour about gaming, the one thing I truely enjoyed, that I stopped enjoying everything. One of my online friends directed me to Grand Chase (also comming out by ntreev) to try to cheer me up and get me back into gaming. And for awhile I started to have fun again, and being that KOG not ntreev made the game ntreev had no ability to ruin this one like their own game right?

We were wrong again, overtime the same fail infected GC, so much that GC servers in other countries started looking at what ntreev was doing and how much they were raking in, and actually adopted some of the ideas! (see almost every GC server having a form of gachapon).

Here I am now, almost 5 years since I met with ntreev. I was once a person that loved nothing more than a good video game, but now I am so bitter cause of their wicked tactics that my friends have often worried about me even going beyond video games.
To be so thoroughly betrayed, it changed me alot as a person. I am most certain my story is just one of thousands in ntreev's book, these people need to go down, maybe once they do I can truely move on.

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