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Default [GameKiss] Developerís Diary #3

Good day everyone, this is Valkyrie Sky.
Today, we will discuss about the PvP system and show you how it’s going to be changed.

I am sure that PvP is something that most of the players are interested to see the changes.
Also, it’s the content that concerns us the most.

The biggest change in PvP system is the selection of Factions.
Players were forced to select the Faction before creating a character, whereas you do not have to choose the Faction when you first start the game.

To be honest, the term Faction system was added at the last minute that it left much to be desired.
It had potential to improve the overall game quality but we were not able to bring the best out of it.
All the staffs of Valkyrie Sky are aware of it and to make it a better system, we decided to disregard “Faction” system for the future content.

Without Faction system, all the players will start the game in neutral position.
No more separating due to a different Faction and no more indiscriminate PvP situations.
Let there be peace in the world of Valkyrie Sky, PEACE!

However, that doesn’t mean that the whole Faction system is gone.
Somewhere in the continent of “Erden”, Ordin and Loki must be striking sparks off each other as we speak. We will do our best to let you meet them in near future.

Now that the Faction system has been removed, we have added Duel System among the Valkyries.
Like fishing, cooking and playing instrument, duel system was added as a part of Life System in Valkyrie Sky. Duel system could be a part of an ordinary life system in Valkyrie where all the warriors are living amongst each other.

Duel system can be activated in two different methods.

First method is to click on other user’s character and select “Duel” from the menu.
Many other games are using this method for duels that you should not have any problems with it.
One user will request duel to another and if they both accept the duel, those two will fly into the Sky for a 1 on 1 combat.

To add more fun to Valkyrie Sky, you can wager the PvP reward yourself.
In other words, you decide what you will give to your opponent if you lose before the duel starts.
You can also decide to wager nothing for the duel. That would mean that the duel is only a friendly game without any rewards. If no one would PvP with you because you are too strong, try offering a valuable item. Others may be persuaded to duel with you!

<When you're looking for a challenger, you will be holding the flag like this. The flag gets fancier when the player is on a winning streak or when the offer is a very valuable item.>

I expect many powerful players will be tempting you. To compete against them, you will have to establish your own set of powerful items, skills and matching stat build. Please note that PvP is for characters of level 20 and up, because a low level character should be training and learn about the game by running stages.

This is a newly add NPC Harrd of Abysmal Labyrinth. He is a very charming Swordsman NPC.
(Perhaps your ideal Swordsman looks like this?)

He will be in charge of exchanging “Awakening Stones” needed to use the “Awakening Skills” and PvP related quests.

Also, the PvP history will be recorded separately to reward “Special Titles” for the top rankers. As these titles are rank-related, it will be taken away from you once your ranking drops. How about challenging yourself to go for one of these new titles?

This episode has been about PvP. I expect this system will be a basic groundwork for 1-on-1 PvP.
We are doing our best to provide more diversified all-out PvP system in the future.

Next up is the newly added life skills. See you next week. Thank you.

Arcade Shooting MMORPG - Valkyrie Sky

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